I had a lot to do last week, and I really didn’t know how to get it all done; but the first thing I had to do, was to stop running. I had to stop running in my soul and return to Christ. Returning is the art of centering oneself within Christ. Each day I return to the Lord, both to collect myself, and to bring all of me into all of Him. When I am running inside, everything feels hard. I believe that if I just get this done, all the pressure will be off. But it doesn’t work that way. The harder I try, the less I can do.  The faster I run, the faster I am pursued.

Instead, I return to the Lord and enter into His rest. Seeing Jesus as my High Priest, who welcomes me into the presence of God, I quiet myself in His love. Confidence comes through the hope of the promises He has made. Those promises are the anchor for my soul. Here in the Presence, behind the veil, Jesus my forerunner is present and so am I. I slow myself down, cast my burdens to the Lord, and He sustains me. It really is genius.

God, who is in perfect peace, beckons me inside of His peace, His love and His joy. Returning is as simple as acknowledging Jesus Christ as the fullness of who I know Him to be. I love that regardless of what I am struggling with, He is my answer. The Holy Spirit makes Jesus tangible, touchable and transferable, and I am transformed into His image. This is faith.

Quieting myself in His love, I look for the mercies of Jesus Christ to come. His love settles me, refreshes me and sustains me. Love is perfect and when I return to Christ through faith, I enter into His love and, in return, His love gently, powerfully and perfectly casts out all fear. This is love.

Confidence is Hope in His faithfulness and His promises. I rehearse my confession of hope daily. My confession of hope is a compilation of the promises the Lord has spoken over me during my time with Him. Promises never leave, they are always kept for me. Even when I lose my way, He still holds my future in His words. This is hope.

Faith, hope and love abound in Christ. Faith is now, hope is future, and love is eternal. I am no longer running, I am reigning.

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