In preparation for our Holy Spirit conference rapidly approaching on October 16th -19th, we are actively engaged in two important practices: PRAYER and FAITH!

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PRAYER every Wednesday from 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM in the Soaking Room: Join us if you’re able! Otherwise, pray from wherever you are if you can’t be here with us. In the next two weeks, our prayer will be focused on ministering to the Lord; celebrating His past victories in our lives; and laying down our crowns (all our past victories and discoveries) at His feet. This is a precursor to see and receive the new!

FAITH comes by hearing the Word of God: My new 4-week teaching series begins TONIGHT/Wednesday at 7 pm and is titled “The Spirit and the Bride” (September 11th– October 2nd). Knowing the purpose of the GIFT of the Holy Spirit to comfort and transform us into the triumphant, overcoming Bride–beautified in Christ’s image– allows us to participate in believing! These four nights together will open our vista into heaven. We begin with Revelation 22:17 and work our way backwards to the present day. If you can’t be here, please join us online or on demand.

We are in a historical, unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit that is in its infancy. Right now, it might seem just a cool breeze, unrecognizable to some, but calling each of us out of our caves into fresh encounters with God–to let go of the past and take hold of our future in Christ.

Soon, the more will come, and our prayers and faith will be rewarded.