There is a lot happening in the Spirit as we prepare for Holy Spirit on October 16th-19th

We are just four weeks away from Holy Spirit and so much is happening that I wanted to send an update to all of you! Last week’s Holy Spirit Prayer was amazing! Great thanks to all of you who came and prayed and those who prayed with us in Spirit. We spent time with Jesus, giving the Lamb that is WORTHY all of our accomplishments, crowns and thrones. It was an old- fashioned emptying of ourselves in prayer, to prepare for the new that is coming!

The book of Revelation provides a wonderful pattern of worship and surrender as the elders continually bow and worship. All these sessions are found in Revelation 4, 5, 7, 11, 15, and 19. Just look for the elders falling down before Him and join in… All so that Jesus may be glorified and we may experience the new.

Prayer will begin again EVERY Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:00 pm in the Soaking Room and will continue through Wednesday, October 9th . On the 9th, we will break after prayer for a celebratory dinner in the Café, then worship our way into an anointing service at 7pm in the Sanctuary!

Please pray as we announce the conference through Facebook and through passing out invitation cards (available in TOM) to join with the Holy Spirit in saying, “COME!” Please! Invite your friends and neighbors, consider paying for those you invite to attend, and imagine what a powerful gift that would be!

We enter the Feasts on September 30th … and then much shifting and change will come for all of us! Stay low, allow Jesus to make His adjustments in your life, and prepare to enter into Sukkot –also the time of our Holy Spirit conference— with joy! It’s going to be a party!