These themes are the banks of the River Jubilee.  In the midst of the movie that was 2020, Pastor Steve asked our worship team to write songs that would embody these two themes and would actually become hymns for our church–and anyone else who has an ear to hear. They are both worship and doctrine of Jesus Christ, the Apostle and High Priest of our confession (Hebrews 3:1). What initially began as a six-month commitment has now become an 18-month journey, with no end date. We have embraced and enjoyed the journey of faith and discovery, and plan to continue doing so. Our team has written over 50 songs in this time. We chose nine that we felt captured the specific message of the Lord to the house of Jubilee: to ABIDE in Christ and to ADORE Him.


In creating the album we needed a name for our team. We chose one that we feel is fitting for the House of Jubilee: Jubilee Company Worship. This name represents not only our band, but the family of Jubilee.  Together, we are a Company of Worshiping Saints, abandoned to His love and lordship, called to one purpose: to surrender as we worship and magnify Jesus Christ with our words, our music, our hearts, our devotion, our intention, our yielding…our very lives.  He is our Source, our Substance, our Purpose, our one Focus.  We sing to Him that we may bless His heart and remind our own souls that He is Lord.  We will sing of Him that we may behold Him.

Let’s celebrate this moment of God’s goodness together! Join us for this night of rejoicing and fellowship as we offer our gratitude to the Lord for the music He has blessed us with. We’ll fellowship, worship, bless the labor that has gone into this project, share stories from the team, pray and launch our new worship album, dedicating it to the Lord to send the seed wherever He wills. This evening we will have CD’s for sale just in time for Christmas!  The album will also be for sale/download on all digital media platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.). Light refreshments will be available. Dress as casual or as fancy as you like!

*At the end of the evening we will premiere our new music video on YouTube: “Come and Meet A Man”. Don’t miss it!

Hope to see you there!

Diana and Jubilee Company Worship

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