When I wake each morning, I am in the flesh. That’s not a negative. Sleep is for the body and the soul. It is necessary to heal, process, rest, and digest. God is a Spirit, and He never sleeps or slumbers.

To engage my spirit, I set myself to pray. Exalting the Lord, I place Jesus where Jesus has been all night—seated at the right hand of Majesty. I ascribe to Him praise. I describe to Him the exalted place He holds, using scriptures, and psalms, and my tongue as a ready writer.

I have learned that my beginning each day is natural. Exalting Christ, as Who He is, where He is, what He is doing, all based on scriptures, shifts my place from natural to supernatural. I move from earthly realms to heavenly realms; and I rise into Christ in truth and Spirit.

The higher He is, the lower I can go. John the Baptist said of Jesus, “He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30

Humility, for many of us, is impossible because we have not made Jesus above all. We feel the pressures to perform, the need to protect, and to produce. When we exalt Christ, we can humble ourselves from the need to perform, protect and produce. I have found, in the last two years, that exalting Christ and humbling myself is perfect balance. When Jesus is supreme, I am free to be who I am. I do not need to prove myself, only accept His righteousness and grace.

Exalt the Lord and humble ourselves—the balance of PERFECTION!

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