Acts, Hebrews, Leviticus, Psalms, and Jeremiah … what a week we have ahead.

When we read the Bible, we are doing more than reading facts, we are encountering God:  the word that He spoke, made flesh, and brought forth all creation. Jesus the Word upholds and gathers all things together in one. I am finding that as I read the scriptures in the weekly reading, I hear the Lord speak into my heart and life right where I am.  By not gathering facts to become empowered, or promises to control, I find I am inside Spirit and Life. Here my world submits, my emotions return, and I enter His rest.

We are so blessed to have the Bible and together read it. In this topsy-turvy world that will shake even more, we rest in God’s word and we hear Jesus speaking from heaven, shaking heaven and earth. Here we receive His Lordship and grace to serve God with reverence and godly fear, receiving His kingdom that cannot be shaken.


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Acts 3 – 8

The Church is in the full explosion of growth and grace. The first recorded miracle at the gate Beautiful calls attention to the name of Jesus and the faith that is in His name. Consequently, the apostles are therefore arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin where they testify that the name of Jesus had made the lame man at the gate Beautiful whole. The Sanhedrin are furious, threatening Peter and John, to never speak or teach in the name of Jesus. Being released, the church gathers and prays for more boldness through greater miracles. Holy Spirit comes, the house shakes, and “with great power, the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 4:33).

Generosity has grown to the point where people are selling their homes and laying all the proceeds at the apostle’s feet. A couple named Ananias and Sapphira attempt to do the same, but after selling their home have misgivings, so instead of being honest they attempt to appear as having given all. They die, fear comes into the church and miracles explode, to the point that Peter’s shadow is now healing all who lay in the streets of Jerusalem. Another arrest, this time with beatings, but still, they do not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. The church grows, deacons are appointed to administer the widows’ care, and more miracles. Stephen is arrested and declares to the Sanhedrin the entire gospel ending in the glory of God, while the Sanhedrin rush to kill him. Persecutions ensue until Saul is saved in Chapter 9.



Hebrews 8 – 13

We now learn of Jesus our High Priest’s ministry, covenant, blood, and His appearing in the Presence of God over us. Access has been given with boldness in His blood to enter into the Holiest, drawing near with a true heart, holding fast our confession of hope, assembling together more as we see the day approaching, exhorting each other in love and good works. Patience is called for. The faith of the witnesses who’ve gone before, beginning with Abel, is celebrated. Chapter 12 is the discipline of the Father, Mount Zion, and New Jerusalem. Everything is shaking because God is speaking. Call to consecration, praise, and God’s completion through Jesus Christ our Lord are our final charges.


James 1 – 2

James the apostle of the church at Jerusalem and brother of our Lord Jesus Christ, begins the most compelling epistle of sobriety and faith. Faith will be tested, and joy is to be used in our patience. God’s completion comes through faith tested, joy found, and patience employed. The word of God, received in meekness and implanted in our hearts, is able to save our souls. James calls us to no partiality in our dealings with each other. He makes it clear through Abraham that, faith without works is dead. “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26).



Leviticus 13 – 21

Laws concerning lepers (a type of sin in believers) and their cleansing, are given in Chapters 13 and 14. Laws concerning bodily discharges and their uncleanness were revolutionary to societal living. Chapter 16 is God’s instruction through Moses after the death of Aaron’s two sons. God’s holiness, man’s presumptuousness, and a day to make atonement for an entire nation. Chapter 17 is the sanctity of the blood, “For the life of all flesh is in the blood.” In Chapter 18, laws of sexual morality will separate Israel from other nations and will be adopted in all nations as the gospel spreads. Chapter 19 has a plethora of laws regarding society, “You shall not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shall fear your God; I am the Lord” (verse 14). Chapter 20 reveals the penalties for breaking the law. Chapter 21 covers the regulations concerning the priests.



Psalms 38 – 42

These five Psalms are stand-alone Psalms. Psalm 42 has special help for intercessors and worshippers who have suffered trials and feel the accusations of others, “Where is your God?” Both the intercessor and worshipper must command their souls into hope again in His salvation coming.



Jeremiah 15 – 19

Jeremiah begins with the Lord saying, “Even if Moses and Samuel stood before Me, My mind would not be favorable toward this people” (verse 1). Jeremiah’s confidence breaks down as God appears to him like “… an unreliable stream, as waters that fail?” (Jer. 15:18). The Lord’s rebuke to Jeremiah to return to Him (in verses 19-21), has helped me in all my life journey with the Lord. By Chapter 16 Jeremiah is instructed not to take a wife because of the troubles coming, but before the chapter is finished God is decreeing that He will restore Israel. Our Lord is so full of compassion and tender mercies. Chapter 17 separates those who are blessed and those who are cursed. God makes an extraordinary promise to Israel if they will keep His sabbath. It’s always about our relationship with God, and walking in the light, never about the evil of other men. Chapter 18 is a field trip for Jeremiah to the potter’s house. Chapter 19, Jeremiah is called to use a potter’s vessel for a prophetic decree in the Valley of Ben Hinnon.