Son of Encouragement

Meditate on Acts 4:32-36; 9:26-31; 11:19-30

Saul was converted, but he had brought great trouble and havoc to the Jerusalem church. So, all the disciples were afraid and would not let him join them. Barnabas brought Saul to the apostles, declaring how he had seen and heard the Lord on the road to Damascus, and had preached boldly afterwards.

Barnabas could see Christ in Saul, where fear, trauma, and history would not allow others to see.

  • What would have happened if Saul had been left rejected by the disciples in Jerusalem?
  • Journey with Saul back to Jerusalem and watch the events as they unfold.
  • When Saul is received, what doors open for him?
  • What if Barnabas had been wrong, that this was only a trap?
  • With Saul’s conversion, and then being sent by the disciples and the Lord to Tarsus, what dynamics happen for the disciples in Jerusalem?
  • Why now?

When Antioch becomes known to the Apostles in Jerusalem they send Barnabas.

  • What does he observe?
  • What does he encourage the disciples in Antioch to do?
  • What is said of Barnabas? His attributes?
  • Why do you think he went and found Saul?
  • How far is it from Antioch to Tarsus?
  • In what present nation are these ancient cities?

When they returned they spent a year there in Antioch assembling and teaching the church.

  • Why is assembling and teaching so important? Hebrews 10:24, 25
  • What were the disciples first called there? Why do you think?

Then a prophet comes.

  • What did Agabus show by the Spirit?
  • What did the church in Antioch decide to do?
  • Who went to Jerusalem for them?
  1. Meditate and give thanks for those who have helped you in your journey, seeing and believing Christ in you.
  2. Ask God to place before you someone to encourage.
  3. Ask God to show you Christ in someone who is teetering in their faith and encourage them.

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