To Know, See, and Hear

Meditate Acts 22:12-15; 26:12-19

The word “chosen” (Acts 22:14) and “to make” (Acts 26:16) are from the same Greek word “procheirizomai” which means “to handle for oneself in advance.”

All of us have been “handled in advance” of the Lord calling us. No mistakes, no retakes, no hesitation. The Lord has already been there before we get there.

What three things was Paul chosen to experience According to Ananias?

How are they interrelated?

Meditate on what each one means to you.

What have you known, seen, or heard?

How does Paul’s account in Acts 26 build? Explain? Confirm this promise?

Meditate on what Paul was called into, and then enter into this for yourself.

Wait on the Lord to experience from Him the substance of these words.

Revelation is progressive building upon itself Christ the cornerstone and foundation.

What two verses in these passages substantiate this?

Imagine yourself in the conversation…

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