I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision

  • Meditate Acts 26:19
  • Paul allowed the heavenly vision of the Lord on the road to Damascus to influence and persuade him. His unbelief was swallows up by light, his darkness eclipsed in Christ glory.
  • How had this experience with Chirst grown through out Paul’s life?
  • How does this experience gain language as Paul describes it to king Agrippa?
  • What new thing have you seen in Saul’s conversion since you began journeying with him on the road, into the vision, into Paul’s repentance, conversion, forgiveness, and inheritance?

Walk in and through what you see

  • Meditate on Genesis 13:14-18
  • Abram was given a glorious vision of inheritance with promise of descendants (he was childless) numbering more than the dust of the earth.
  • He was then told to arise and walk in and through the land. There is the spiritual given by God and the the physical followed by man. There is always a step, or steps, we can take to possess what is given to us. It comes through walking in the midst of the promise it’s length and width.
  • What did Abram do after he was shown and told?
  • What did building an altar signify in receiving this promise?
  • What promise, vision, experience, have you not yet fully walk its length and its width?
  • This is not works or trying to accomplish by flesh it is being persuaded by the heavenly vision through the continued experiencing of it. Building an altar of thanksgiving and dependency on God.

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