Prayer to Seeing

Meditate Acts 9 6-12

Saul was told to arise and go into the city and it would be told him what he must do. So he arose blinded from the light and went into Damascus and there he began to pray.

What was he praying? How does prayer position our heart to receive new ideas, thoughts, visions? Imagine Saul in a house, unable to see, praying until he saw in a vision. What did he see? What happened?

Seeing to Small

Meditate Acts 10

Peter was seeing great results in His ministry, miracles and conversions, but he was seeing to small for God. For Peter to see larger, God came to him while Peter was praying and put him into a trance and gave him a vision.

What did Peter see? How many times did he see the vision? Did it confirm his beliefs or challenge them? Did Peter know immediately what the vision meant? How did the vision unfold with the journey to Caesarea?


Acts10:17 “wondered”
Acts 10:19 “thought”
Acts 10:28 “shown me”
Acts 10: 34 “I perceive”
Acts 20:47 “can anyone forbid”

This is a progressive vision unfolding in its interpretation, as Peter journeys in faith. Why was prayer so important in Peter’s seeing?

Read and meditate Peter’s testimony of this in Acts 11:1-18

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