A Chosen Vessel

Meditate Acts 9:15; 22:14, 15

Ananias was told that Saul’s actions were not of his concern because God has chosen Saul for a task that He (the Lord) would preform. The power of being chosen is that someone else has determined, not only your worst, but also your purpose.

What did the Lord choose Saul to do?

What did the Lord choose Saul to do?

I have many in this city

Meditate Acts 18:9-11

How many aspects of Saul’s calling were told Ananias?

Ananias tells Saul what the Lord said to him in prayer…is that prophecy?

What did you hear since your conversion by either the Spirit of God or others?

Take a moment a rehearse why the Lord has spoken over you.

Paul was in Corinth for the first time in conflict when the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision “I am with you…no one will hurt you…I have many people in this city”

The Lord had a purpose contrary to the circumstances and people yet to be saved that He considered His.

How would this make you feel if your were Paul?

What did Paul do?

How did the Lord’s choosing allay Paul’s fear? Ananias’s fears?

What is the lord saying to you about His purposes through your life that is bringing you courage?

In what area do you need to hear the Lord speak over you concerning conflict you are in?

Ask Him to speak.

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