Resurrection Life – What Form Does it Take?

Please read: 1 Corinthians 15 – Then meditate on verses 35-56

To begin, I am going to ask you to consider resurrection life, beyond the context of a final event at the last day, as Martha was challenged to, concerning her conversation with the Lord regarding her brother Lazarus. (John 11:22-27)

I am going to ask you to consider resurrection life as Christ, Himself, and therefore unlimited in His choosing of expression. Resurrection life is possible to experience in our journey here, as the Apostle Paul stated, as his very pursuit to attain. (Philippians 3:11) Ok?

When we consider resurrection, we are not considering deliverance or recovering. It is resurrection and redemption, not preventing a bad thing from happening. But, after a bad thing has already happened (death) – for life to come in its place.

The question is “What form does it take?”

Meditate on verses 35-38

They wanted to know “how” and “what” resurrection looked like? Paul said the “how” is death first, and the “what” is a body, is of God’s choosing.

How much freedom does this give God in choosing what resurrection life will look like in our lives?

What freedom does this bring us, from rescuing and recovery of lost and dead things?

Follow the Lord’s promises about the new body?

Take a moment and look up the word “body” in the Greek to see its largeness of application.

Meditate on the exchanges, in verses 42-49

What would any of these experiences look like today in your life?

What does the change of identity that we are promised in Christ look like?

“Living being” (NKJV) is “living soul” (KGV).

What does coming from “natural” to “spiritual” look like? How does it feel?

Let each exchange (resurrection) affect your mind and imagination, so that it is a now word and not a last day word. Allow that possibility to lead into faith and hope. Not trying to perform, only permit.

Meditate on verses 50-56

Why can’t flesh and blood inherit the kingdom?

Change comes at the end, in a twinkling of an eye, but is happening today in transformation. How does this promise support 2 Corinthians 3:18?

What does life swallowing up death look and feel like to you?

What is the “sting” of death? What is the “strength” of sin?

Can the Lord therefore, choose to manifest resurrection life today, in His body, as He pleases?


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