Consecration to the Lord

Read and meditate on: 2 Chronicles 29

Hezekah opens the doors, and repairs the doors themselves, to the house of the Lord. He calls the priest together charging them to sanctify themselves, and the house of the Lord. Years of neglect had left the house in disrepair and filled with rubbish.

The priests where obedient and in sixteen days finished the task. Next, Hezekiah brought the leaders together to offer sin offering for all the people. After that, worship and prayer was gloriously given to the Lord. Praise and prayer erupted and continued as the house and the people were consecrated again to the Lord.

Then he called everyone to bring Thanks offerings and praise into the house of the Lord. The people responded bringing offerings of thanksgiving and joy broke forth. The house was in order and the Lord was pleased. He had prepared all of it!

Meditate on this story regarding your own life as the temple of God.

Where have the doors been shut or broken down?

What rubbish would you like to see removed and cleansed?

Bring your offering to the Lord, of “yourself” to worship again, letting Jesus’ sacrifice be sufficient and complete. His blood answers everything.

Worship Him for His great grace, His love, and His beauty! You cannot give Him too much praise, even with things that are still incomplete.

What thanks could you bring to the Lord?

Meditate on, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and Hebrews 13:15

How does this simple command model what was happening in Jerusalem during the days of Hezekiah?

Practice joy, prayer and thanksgiving before the Lord. Become aware of His acceptance and your freedom.

Consecration begins with a desire to enter again into the place prepared for us. It allows for repair and cleansing. It offers only the blood of Jesus as sufficient for such a work. Consecration offers joy, prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord, knowing these are the sacrifices that we can give that are acceptable, and well pleasing to the Lord.

Meditate on the possibility of what might happen, when one person opens the door to their heart at the Lord’s knocking. See yourself as that person.

Revelation 3:20

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