Unity of Prayer and Worship

Read 2 Chronicles 5

Solomon had finished building the Temple and was ready to dedicate it.

He called the leaders, and all of Jerusalem, together. The priest brought all the furnishings and the ark into to the Temple.

Next, the Priests, with their one hundred and twenty trumpets, positioned themselves to sound. The trumpets represented prayer, intercession, and offering of the sacrifices. This was the priest’s duty as prescribed by Moses.

The Levites, who had been responsible for caring for and moving the tabernacle, had enjoyed a new role as worshippers, given to them by David. They played instruments and sang, representing praise and worship.

When they became one, and their sound became one, and their declaration became one of, “He is good for His mercy endures forever”, the cloud of the Lord’s glory filled the Temple, making all ministry impossible because no one could stand up.

Place yourself as one of the priests. Imagine the excitement, the seriousness of the moment, as you bring in the Ark. Imagine yourself as a priest about to sound the trumpet.

Next, see yourself as a Levite preparing your instrument or voice to sound praise. Hear the unity of sound grow as everyone brings their contribution to the Lord in heart and sound.

What purpose do you feel unity played in that day? Why does glory fill the Temple? How can prayer and praise become as one in your life?

Take a moment and bring prayer (offering of Jesus) and praise (exalting Jesus) forward in your own dedication to the Lord. Become aware of His presence filling your temple.

What did you experience? What role do you lean more to: Prayer or Worship? How can prayer and worship become one in your life?

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