The Word of Our Testimony

Read Revelation 12:11; John 3:31-34

The words of our testimony are the things we have seen and heard from Heaven. More than the events of God’s grace, mercy, and kindness lives. His miracles our receiving of His power and love bring attention to God and open hearts to believe and receive for themselves such kindness. But it is the things we have seen and heard from heaven that become our testimony. They are the revelations of Jesus and who we are in Him that form our testimony.

John spoke of those speaking from earth or from Heaven, that Jesus came from Heaven and was above all. John went on to say that what Jesus had seen and heard, that He testified; and no one receives His testimony.

In John 6 when the disciples are confronted with the question “do you also want to go away?” Peter replies ‘To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:67-68

Heaven’s truths, sights, and sounds form our testimony and this testimony overcomes the devil and all His accusations. When we receive revelation, experience Jesus, receiving what He shows us, we set a seal upon our heart; actually the Holy Spirit does, who becomes our guarantee until to promise completion. This forms our testimony.

Why did John speak in such contrast to earthly and heavenly testimony? What was he trying to establish about Jesus and His words?

Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit for the testimony He has already sealed in your heart through revelation of sight and sounds. Words, prophetic experiences, visions, dreams, the bible, preaching, all form the substance of heavenly experiences. The distinguishing factor is seeing and hearing Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Father reveals these things.

After listening for the Holy Spirit to bring to revelation what you have already received, you worship God with your testimony.

What is the sight and sound of your testimony? What is the tenor of His words to you? Words, sights, and sounds affect our heart, mind, and emotions, which bring us all into agreement with God.

You can also enter more into each revelation as you see these encounters as doors and windows. There is always more to see and more to hear. Glorifying God for what He has shown you, will almost always opens up more for you to see.



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