The Lord would say, “There has been a curse over My Church, my people, all about the earth; a curse so great, it makes them seek to shake its imagery and its power.

Often they will resort to ways of the past and find comfort in rules, and regulations, and things that they can control, because then they can have a defense to the sound of accusation. But I have given a remedy to accusation, it is the blood of my Son, held as the only means and the greatest means of acceptance and justification.

I have done beyond that, I have given the sound of my voice to testify to each and every one of My children who they are in Me, and where they fit inside My family—and the uniqueness of calling, inheritance, sonship, and purpose.  I have opened a vast reservoir of sound, of description.

I would speak over you and decree to you.  I would sing over you.  I would comfort you in My love.  I would make you so confident that you could stand in where you are.

But the curse rages with accusation, slander.  And, too many look to change the weather rather than come inside My home and be free from the weather.  They try to change the world rather than walk in Me and be ‘not of this world.’

I have provided something so great: My Spirit, that I have poured out to make you My witness, to be able to decree Who I am to you, and you to Me.  And, I will give you power. You will be baptized in love, so much love you won’t have any reason to fear because there is nothing to fear when you’re in Love.

Do you remember when you were in love—whether the love of your mate, the love of childhood, the love of your parents, or the love of My Son?  When you fell in love you abandoned everything and pursued love.  Love made you fearless, it made you reckless, it made you willing to leave everything.  You even left the disapproval, or approval, of others in order to pursue love.

I say to you today, I awaken love.  I awaken love.  I say, I awaken love!  Come to Me, there is a love-awakening ready for everyone.  I have prepared a love banquet at My table.  Come to Me, I will speak into you words of Life.  I will communicate to you joy unspeakable.  I will release pleasure.  I will bring you into My banqueting table.  You will begin to have spikenard, and the oils, and the sound, and the movement.  There is no limit to your place in Me.  There is no limit or ceiling over your future.  Yes, the natural world has shut you down, but it isn’t because it is greater than Who I am. It is a teacher, that I use, to allow you to seek Who I am.  For My voice in your world is greater than the world changing and giving you a better voice.

I determine your future.  I determine the outcome of everything.  I am the Lord!  I am King!  I am God!  I am your liberator!  I heal and no man stops Me—And I have come.  I will make Myself known at the table, a banquet of love.  I will reveal to you in the word of My song.  I will speak to you comfort.  I will bring you into an embrace.  My Spirit will explode!  Who will follow Me into this place?  For I have prepared a house, and a banqueting table, and a mansion, and a room, and all the similitudes that you would need so that you could come and dwell with Me.  I want to dwell with You.  I want you to dwell with Me.  I’m walking, I’m talking, I’m speaking at your heart, ‘Let Me in.  I want in.  Let Me in.  I want in.’ I will reveal to you that you are in Me and Me in you.  You are not independent, nor can you survive [without Me], but you are in Christ and there you will thrive.

There is one more thing.  There’s one last thing.  One more thing, one more thing…The curse I have absorbed in My Son.  ‘For cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree.’  So I say to you My son, My daughter, My children, My Church, Say no to the curse!  Say no to the curse.  The curse has no place.  You have been given My blessing that I gave to Abraham. I have made him an inheritor; not by Law, but by Faith.  Say, ‘yes’ to the blessing.  Say ‘yes’ to My Spirit.  Say ‘yes’ to your destiny.  Say yes to My place, because I’m coming with an army of liberated sons and daughters of God; freely matured sons and daughters who will carry My glory.

Too many have looked at circumstances to see if My Word is working.  What do circumstances have to do with My Word working?  My Word is truth.  Circumstances can lie, they can be smoke screens.  They can be apparatuses that I choose to use to bring somebody to a place to encounter Me.  They have nothing to say of who you are. I only say who you are!  I am your Father!  I chose you!  Nobody else chose you!  You are Mine!  And I will not have you live under this, this fake imagery created by man and its lust for its own power.  You will live in the pavilion of My love, in the secret place of the Almighty.  You will hear sounds, you will carry the voice of God, and you will be a blessing to many.  Because the earth will soon not have its answers.  Soon, it will look to you to hear what I carry.  But it’s not for that.  I carry you into My chambers.

Come into Your bed chambers.  Come into intimacy.  Come to be with Me.  For yet a little while, just hide yourself in Me. Let Me deal with Your adversary.  Let Me render him powerless over your life where I choose him to be.  Let Me sound a voice of joy and gladness where you have no other answers but Me.  Soon, you’re going to smile and laugh, and rejoice, and sing again.  What I’m doing is so great, because it is My Son I’m doing!  I’m making Him seen and revealed.  I’m liberating the eyes of My Church to see again, hear again, understand again—and turn.

There is a healing coming.  I’m recalibrating.  I’m wiping tears away.  I’m swallowing up death.  I’m removing reproach.  And I’m removing all acts of pride and arrogance of man.  I’m about to be God in the sight of people!  And I would be God in your secret place.  Would you let Me satisfy you, awaken you, call you up and call you into encounters that are tested, yes—but cannot be undone once encountered.  My voice, My Spirit, My Word, My blood, My justification, all of it is yours!  Receive it!”

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