Movement and sound always surrounds us. We are aware of it in our waking hours—kids, traffic, television, social media, conversations, blue skies, cold days, warm sun. We see, we hear, we respond, and in many cases, we have to filter noises out. Did you know that heaven is moving and releasing sound all the time? It is. Angels, Holy Spirit, and the Word of God are alive constantly with sound and sight.

Jesus lived a life of perception of heaven, listening to the Father, and doing what He saw the Father doing. Jesus’ prayer was fellowship with His Father. He heard and He saw. Our prayers can be the same when we learn to perceive, turn, and respond. But, we have to filter out the noise of earth, and in our heads, quieting ourselves to listen and see.

Ray Hughes will be with us this weekend: Friday 7 pm, Saturday 10 – 4 pm, and Sunday 9 & 11 am. Ray carries an anointing of sound and sight. For years, he has listened to the Father. He understands the power of a life that turns to the voice of God. He has pondered the great moves of God on the earth in the last centuries. He has learned the worship of heaven, how sound releases the life of God, and how we respond to the movement of God. Ray will encourage you to believe again that anything is possible.

This week, take time to listen for the Father’s voice. Look for movement in heaven, and recount what you have heard before of Jesus. Let your testimony come alive again. Also register today for Revival Sound Weekend and prepare yourself to see and hear Jesus in this season.

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