I am grateful for a company of people that are in very much the same journey I am in, some who have journeyed longer than I have.

Holy Spirit,

We love you. We know Your ministry is to sing a song of Jesus and to magnify the Lord. We know that You are the only power that is available to make the witness of Jesus tangible, and lift up people out of captivity.
We know You have the ability to break into any life, at any moment, at any time and reveal Jesus Christ. And in so doing, save and call forth to freedom and fulfillment. We know that the captivity on the earth is dark and strong, but You are great, and loving, and liberating.


We know that there are ways that we have had to learn how to operate, and our fledging little operations of life that hold things in a semblance of goodness and order. But, you might threaten and challenge us as you come, not with animosity, but in freedom and liberty.

Holy Spirit,

Bring Jesus. And, may we start to hear the song of Jesus afresh and anew play on our radio.


It is my simple prayer. I don’t know how to choose Your station, let alone recognize it, let alone come to the point where it is an exclusive sound to which I am listening. Lord, please start bringing the music now. Capture my attention while wondering. Capture me while I am being defensive. Invade me while I am trying to ignore you. Come and find access. Talk to me in a familiar tone without answering the direct questions. I know there are so many barriers that we carry, that we don’t even realize that you have been our “master” for too long, but you are coming to be our “husband”.

Holy Spirit,

Help us in this season, in this time we’re in, and active each one.

Right now, the Spirit of the Lord is standing in front of so many of us, not as an influence but as the Person. He is bringing you Jesus. He’s stepping in and placing a new seal of His imprint. It’s like He’s putting a new set of
words inside our thoughts and inside our hearts. He’s sealing them because He’s the down payment.

He is saying, “Don’t be afraid, because I’ve got you. I am fully engaged in carrying you to the other side. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, or how you got here. I’ve got you, and I’m carrying you now. I have justified you. I have glorified you. And, I’ve brought you into union. I’m going to unveil your eyes to see, your ears to hear. And, your heart will understand. Some of it little by little, others in abrupt moments, but I want you to know I’m for you. I am for you because of Christ. He has done it all for you, therefore I am for you in Christ. I will make who He is, to be who you are. And who you are will be who He is.

I will bring the union that I accomplished in the resurrection. As He the first born, was born again, so I’m bringing forth the resurrection life inside of you. You will begin to rest in victory while sitting in the midst of conflict. You will begin to enjoy my joy when your sorrow would seemingly overtake you. For, I am changing you from the inside out and I am raising up the voice of My Son. You will hear His voice and as you hear His voice, you will live, for I am a life-giving God. I have saved My Church, and I have called for this last season to be a greater season than all seasons before.

So rest in Me. Follow Me. Allow Me influencing you. Give Me permission. Be at peace. I will not accuse you, I will not condemn you, and I will not separate you. I will justify you, I will glorify you and I will make you one with
Me. For I am the Spirit of the Living God come to magnify the Son of God in His resurrected form. You will be witnesses to Him of His great goodness, glory and victory. You will be the first to declare, “Come see the Man who told me all things I ever did. Could this be the Christ? Come see the liberator of my soul. Come hear the song of freedom. Come delight yourself in the Lover of my soul. Look at my Husband. How stately and strong and majestic, He is.
You will begin to sing of My Jesus, as your Jesus, in the glorious tone that will cause an attraction for many to behold. For He has become for you salvation, wisdom, righteousness and sanctification. And now,He is rising up in you, stepping up inside of you.”

So don’t be afraid. Give Me permission (I’m coming anyway). But give Me as much as you can and let’s go together. Let’s discover this together. For what I’m bringing is greater than what you’ve known before. Paradigms are about to shift, and mindsets are going to change. You’re going to try to do things that aren’t going to work anymore. But, I’m going to do new things that never worked before. That is what’s going to happen. We’re going to have a grand, glorious, happy time. I’ll play with you. I’ll bring praise. I’ll bring joy. I’ll bring provision. I’ll bring healing. I’ll bring miracles. I’ll bring everything that Jesus afforded you and bought you. Now give me that place.

I’m taking that place. Give Jesus His praise. He’s deserving of worship. Anticipate, look for, expect, because, I’m here. I’m taking over. I’m not leaving my land. I’m not letting go of My people, and I’m not going to be driven out by accusation or religious thinking. I’m taking over. I’m filling up My house, filling up My people, filling up My church. I’m filling everything, until it magnifies the Son. I will drive out that which has destroyed so many, and I will liberate, because I am a Liberator.

I am good, and I am God, and I am here for Jesus.

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