Our redemption is more than a born again experience that gives us a new chance to live life for God. It IS Christ. When we received Jesus, we received Christ, our life and we His body. We died; and, our life was hidden with Christ in God. We were crucified with Christ and we no longer live but Christ lives in us.

This means that all our circumstances, failures, sins, misfortunes, betrayals—EVERYTHING was acquired in our redemption! Furthermore, all our future failures, sins, misfortunes, betrayals–EVERYTHING, became His as well!

Why is this? Because we literally became reinstated into the Life in Christ as we believe the Truth of Jesus. We became one with Him and in Him. He became all in all. Everything that is ours is His; and He has redeemed all that concerns us.

Why is this important? It’s important especially at Thanksgiving. This is because here we visit family, friends, and old paradigms that can either reveal Christ in us or shut us down in our past traumas and losses.

If Christ has secured our redemption in EVERYTHING, then let’s praise Him in the midst of everything. What if you owed $100,000 to a family member, and they persisted on making you suffer in your inability to pay the debt? Then Jesus comes and pays the debt for you. Wouldn’t that make you feel free, in regard to their torment? HE HAS!!! What if someone in your family owed you $1,000,000 – the same is true, Jesus paid it all.

We can be thankful this Thanksgiving because we are in Christ, and all our stuff (good and bad) is there too. He is singing, rejoicing and quieting us in His love. Let’s sing with Him as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

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