“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.” (Psalm 119:37)


We are reawakening to the Love of Father, the Lamb and Holy Spirit. Let’s pray this together:
Holy Spirit, with the permission of the Father, I now commission You to move freely among us and to bring to our remembrance the encounters we’ve had, the journey moments, the points of contacts where
we said, “I’m leaving that to do this…I’m no longer going to be pursuing this because I’ve found something greater.” Especially, every encounter with You, God where You began to say, “Come, follow Me. I want to show you something you have never seen before…”

Every loss, every sacrifice, everything that it’s cost us, every sin, every failure, everything given away, every confusion, it all begins to be nothing but clutter. We get back to say, “What was that thing that did that to me? What was that one thing that “ruined” my life?”

Daddy God, reawaken me, re-enliven me again. I hear You come. Merry Christmas, Jesus, we want to give you back our life. I love you and worship You.

Holy Spirit come, strengthen us.

Prophetic Word:

I see sons and daughters of God, rising up and standing on the highway of holiness, moving toward the Lord with the intention of turning, disclosing, discussing, debriefing and moving toward the heart of Father. I see the angels cheering for the recovery of God’s church. It is so precious to Him.

I see a “Welcome” for you in the very presence of God, His immediate presence, your immediate presence into the throne room. I see a book opening up, and the Lord saying, “Let’s talk out the journey we’ve just been through.” It’s like a ledger because, in some cases, it could be looked upon as success and failure…but that’s only if you see it from a chain-based or a fear-based heart that thinks, “I’m about to be scolded and sent away”.

But it you look at it more clearly, you would see that it’s a beautiful book with the Lamb all over it. It has words that all have to do with Jesus and Him encountering you, finding you, and discovering you…and you discovering Him. It has to do with moments of discovering that He is the Savior, He is the Lord, He’s a Helper, a Forgiver, and He’s a kind God… And it’s as though the ledger disappears and the image of the encounter with Jesus is all that is there.

And it’s understood that my failure was the door to my success. My loss was my door to my gain. The Door…Jesus…my door! The doorway of Jesus begins to become clear and more brilliant. It’s called the entrance into the Kingdom, into the sheepfold. I find my way through the door again. And I come into the realm of God. It’s the disrobing of the past and the robing of new, and the re-turbaning of the new. The restructuring of the path becomes like Cinderella being dressed up for the ball, but with no midnight curfew.

There is a Glory coming to the body of the living Jesus, which isn’t found in our success but found in Him. And there is a victory for the body of Christ, for it is here through Christ, in Christ alone. And
there is a door that the body of Christ is walking through. His name is Jesus, the Way, the Truth and Life.

The ledgers that have been written over you, that have condemned you and said that you can’t go forward are now being superseded with encounters of God! And the Lamb washes you of all things other than Jesus.

Jesus becomes the paramount, the beginning, the future, the end… everything! From the start to the finish, He is all in all, and you are in Him and He is in you! And the Glory that God knew from the foundation of the world begins to emanate in your life, and the love that God knew Him in, from the foundation of the world, begins flooding your being, and it begins to break forth! The sound and the song, and this gift and the dance, it all begins to come spontaneously, involuntarily, because again you are greatly loved and again you are wholly, completely forgiven and again righteously made whole. You are decreed loved, favored and blessed. You begin to sing with Him and dance with Him. You begin to shout the praises of the Lamb.

Behold the Lamb! Look what the Lamb has done for me! And the sound of this reverberates, hovers here. And they say, “What has the Lamb done for you?” And you say, “Come and see! Come and see!”

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 4, 6PM: Discovery Small Groups – Come discover what the Lord is saying and doing right now. We will break off with members of the team that have just returned from Israel.

Wednesday, 7PM: Doing the Words of Jesus – Our discovery groups (from the 6PM service) will share what they heard with the congregation and impart what they received at the 6PM service.

Sunday, December 8, 9AM: Larry Bingman will be sharing, “Let Me Out.” Jesus is NOW calling us to take our worship and adoration for Him beyond the church walls to touch the people outside with His great power and everlasting love—so let’s do it!

Sunday, 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations. Join us as we agree with heaven and reign with Christ on earth concerning all that God has declared. We pray and nations yield.

Sunday, 11AM: I will be sharing, “Being Known by God—What We Can Learn by the Virgin Birth.” Word became flesh and dwelt among us and continues to do so to this day. What are you carrying?

Grace and shalom,


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