“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)


God is releasing grace to each of us, right now. I partner with you in agreement, as we magnify the Lord, and tell Him He is able—nothing is impossible—He is able! Your life has been consecrated to Him. You are His. Your soul is coming into agreement with Him being bigger and stronger than what you see in the natural. Your perception is changing to see it through His eyes.

Heavenly emotions are exchanged for your earthly ones—a mighty upgrade as you agree and receive. He gives you a renewed mindset. Circumstance may retrigger an old operating system, but as you magnify the Lord, you gain a new operating system. Instead of despair you will gain expectancy. Hopelessness gives way to the joy in seeing what used to break you, turned to experiencing the new mindset. There is a grace being released right now.

God is thrilled with you as you believe what He is saying.

We will carry Him wherever we go. It takes over every part of us and it carries us to new heights.

Pray this with me…


I praise You as you take me, no matter where I’ve been or what I am facing, and capture me into eternity. You are able to renew my hope, that was given to me in Christ Jesus. There is a vibrant hope that is living.

I say, “Lord, You are so able to heal my body. You are so able to deliver my soul from darkness. You are so able to restore harmony and peace to my relationships. You are so able to complete the project you launched me into, the one that I put all my resources into. You are able to call me out of bankruptcy. You’re so able to heal my broken heart. You’re so able to create a song in the midst of misery.”

Tell Him what He is able to do in your life…He is here to overshadow you. Today is your day for your “moment” to begin. As you press in, you have a conscious awareness of Jesus Christ in your heart. There are gifts coming and you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Lord, I praise you. You are capturing my heart into eternity, and I reclaim the hope that was given to me in Your Son, Jesus. The hope that is vibrant and living and that invites me into the very place that I long to be….WITH YOU!

Lord, to rejoice with You… I know that’s Your cry for me. To give You my saddened heart by rejoicing with You! I enter into the joy of the Lord.

· You are able…able to meet my every need.

· You are able to cause me to walk through difficult times with joy and peace.

· You are releasing grace to me right now.

· You are able to tear down the strategies of hell that are set against me.

· You are able to restore favor in my life, to give me peace that I can sleep at night by removing worry.

· You are able to cause me to skip again and be childlike.

· Let this be my song. I will sing it into my day: “My God is able.”

The Lord wants to break the bond of “limited thinking.”

Father, I choose to get more extravagant in my praise of You and Your ability. You can get me out of debt in 3 seconds! You can heal my body in a moment! You can restore my mind to freshness right now! You ask, “Must relationships be restored with counsel and much time or can it happen right now?” I am the God of the “Right now! Right now! RIGHT NOW!”

Thank You for the “now,” Lord! Now! Everything in Your Kingdom is NOW! I shout it NOW! “You are able, NOW! Break it open, God! I believe for the NOW!” Amen, Lord, So be it in my life, right now!

God is breaking into your situation, right now. Declare it over your life…NOW! Extraordinary things, beyond what you can ask or think, impossible things. Reversals in an instant! God is able! Praise in the breakthrough right now, for right now!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 18, 6PM: There will be no service, as this is our Christmas Dinner. We pray that you have signed up to come and we look forward to seeing you. We remove all the chairs in the Sanctuary, set up round tables, and eat delicious food prepared by the Billera family. There is no charge for the dinner (we will take an offering). It is our time to eat together, sing together, laugh and celebrate Christmas. The dinner is free but if you have not signed up yet, please do so by Tuesday. To register, click here. We look forward to sharing an evening of fun and celebration with you.

Sunday, December 22, 9AM: Diana Anderson will share “He Smiled at Me,” a timely word that will bring us into the joy of the Lord this season.

Sunday, 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations. Join us as we agree with heaven and reign with Christ on earth concerning all that God has declared. We pray and nations yield. Click here to view the December prayer schedule.

Sunday, 11AM: I will be sharing “The Faithfulness of Our God.” The Lord is faithful and hears our prayers…loud and clear.

Grace and shalom,


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