Salvation is a gift, given by grace through faith. It is eternal and does not fade away. But, it can grow as we exercise ourselves in it. Paul gave eight exercises to the Thessalonians that we can practice.

Rejoice Always – Cheer up. Why? Because we can, in Christ, no matter the circumstances. His joy is our strength.

Pray Without Ceasing – Talk. Have an ongoing conversation with our Father. He is listening and our talking will lead to glorious discoveries in conversation.

In Everything Give Thanks – Thanksgiving is gratitude, and gratitude is faith alive. Faith carries us. Thanksgiving carries faith. It illuminates our vision to see things as God sees things. This is the will of God in Christ Jesus for us.

Do Not Quench the Holy Spirit – To quench is to extinguish, as the five foolish virgins experienced when their lamps went out as the bridegroom approached. Holy Spirit is vital. He is our lifeline. He is our light and our life. He is messy and large. And like the wind, we can’t control Him. But, without Him our lamps go out.

Do Not Despise Prophecies – Holy Spirit loves to magnify Jesus; that’s His job. And He wants to remind us, encourage us, exhort us, and build us up in Jesus. To do so He brings prophecies. Prophecies are even more messy, because they come through people. Every prophecy carries the shape and taste of the vessel, so it is easy to reject the drink because of the offense of the vessel. But if we do, the fountain dries up. Want to try something daring? Let the Spirit of God prophecy in you, to you.

Test All Things – The Lord wants us to live inside the chaos of creation, growing in our own discernment, being able to test the spirit and know if it’s for us. Does it bear witness? Does it confirm to God’s character and scriptures? Does it make sense? I will often shelve something rather than reject it, letting time and the Holy Spirit help me understand. Testing does not mean form a committee to review prophecies and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Each of us have the anointing within to discern.

Hold Fast to What is Good – Revelation is salvation’s substance, bringing grace through faith. Holding it fast is our job of valuing and keeping it. Often, we are inspired and even take action, but let go when the warfare comes because of the word. Holding fast the good, strengthens the truth and experience of salvation, in our lives.

Abstain From Every Form of Evil – Evil comes in many forms, from rebellion to religion. It seeks to control us. Living in joy, continual communication, thanksgiving, in the overflow of the Holy Spirit and His prophecies, testing all things and holding fast to what is good, enables us to discern both evil and good. Like a bank teller, who learns to see the counterfeit by handling the real, we recognize the lie by knowing the truth.

With practice, these exercises will make salvation vital and enjoyable in Christ and it will be obvious to everyone that you have been working out with the Holy Spirit.


Wednesday February 10, 7 pm: I will be sharing, “Working Out with the Holy Spirit.” Holy Spirit has been given to us to transform us into the image of Jesus, the firstborn among many brethren. He is the ultimate trainer, knowing our routine, the destiny of Christ in us, and how to get us there. I will share how to let your emotions be formed by truth. How to enter into a living experience inside of truth. Discerning both good and evil through practice.

Sunday February 14, 9 am: Diana will be sharing, Big Love from a Big Hearted God! God is dropping love bombs that are uprooting fear. Come discover the depths of His love which are unfathomable!

Sunday, 10:20 am: Nations Prayer – Join us for the half-hour of world changing prayer. We reign with Christ when we pray. First and last five minutes are for humility prayer – for rain to come to Southern California in Jesus name!

Sunday, 11 am: I will be sharing, “Love Renewed – Christ and His Church – The Perfect Marriage.” When we understand the love Christ has for His church, we understand love in marriage. Love and yielding lead to fruitfulness and beauty. Learning to walk in this is a lifetime adventure. Promises, forgiveness, renewal, letting go of the past, and taking hold of the future, are all part of letting Christ love us.


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