The Lord has increased His voice of healing in our midst. With the promise of healing as the first sign of resurrection life and inheritance, we can expect health, healing and to be healed. We are receiving testimonies of healing.

Health is wholeness, and healing in all manner of cures. And, to be healed is to be stitched together according to these three Hebrew words found in Jeremiah 33:6

Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.

The name of Jesus is the authority for healing to manifest and the Holy Spirit is the power for healing to demonstrate. The promise awakens faith and hope, and God’s love reveals His mercy and grace.

How do we receive healing?

The key is we receive. We find the place in Christ where His promise of healing becomes ours. Acknowledging His name as the authority, we declare His healing to manifest, allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest His life in us. The Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and is the One who gives life to our mortal bodies today.

Quieting ourselves we worship and receive the promise as ours. Listening for His peace to lead us, we recognize that healing comes in many cures. Doctors, diet, rest, recovery, worship, the name of Jesus, and the supply of the Holy Spirit miracles, are means where healing comes through.

In the name of Jesus, a Doctor can be used to heal. In the name of Jesus, rest can bring healing. And in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit can demonstrate instantaneous healing. It’s all good, because it’s all God revealing the abundance of His peace and truth.

The name of Jesus brings the promise of Jesus forward. The Holy Spirit’s power brings healing into completion. Our faith and hope is the atmosphere where healing abounds, and His love causes mercy and grace to overtake impossible situations. We worship and we receive, giving all the glory to God.


Wednesday February 3, 7 pm: ACTS ministries will share many of the miracles and acts during recent trips to the nations. You will be encouraged and able to receive for yourself the works of Christ that are shared this night. We have testimonies from Israel, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Remember, those who remain at home and those who go share in the spoils, come and receive your reward.

Sunday February 7, 9 am: Brian Rogers will be sharing “Living in Hope”. Reclaiming hope deferred to become hope alive.

Sunday, 10:20 am: Nations Prayer – come join us for the most rewarding and satisfying practice of our faith – reigning with Christ on the earth through prayer. Want to see America return to God? Come pray. Want to see peace in the Middle East? Come pray. Whatever the problem…Jesus, you, and prayer is the solution.

Sunday, 11 am: I will share “He Healed Them All.” Jesus is the healer of all diseases and His name carries the authority to heal all. The Holy Spirit is our supply of power and we are those called to be endued with Holy Spirit. How do we grow, or rather yield, to such a magnificent promise, such abundant power, and glorious authority? What can we learn from Jesus as He ministered along the shores of Galilee? Can we expect a time when we will see all healed?


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