When Jesus was imparting to His disciples, with His final words, on the night of His betrayal, He told of the day of His resurrection. This would be when we would all know that He is in the Father and we are in Him and He is in us. He began to encourage His disciples that the Holy Spirit was coming to abide in them. They would have His help to see Jesus in His word. And, by keeping (valuing enough not to lose it) the Holy Spirit would make the truth of Father and Jesus abiding with them through His word.

Then, in the next chapter (John 15), Jesus shared the same truths again, in the picture of the vine and its branches. We cannot survive without abiding and we can do nothing without abiding in Jesus. He explains that we are to have His words abide in us. This is where it gets so good if we can patiently enjoy—enjoy, not endure. The words of Jesus, the Bible, is a doorway into experiences in-Christ. The word abiding, dwelling in us, becomes for us our access point to God. It is just as the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the glory of the only begotten of the Father. As we internalize the word, it becomes spirit for us and allow us to dwell with God.

Jesus became flesh so we could become spirit. Now we are spirit, soul and body. When born again, our spirit is made alive. But, we must learn the place Jesus has prepared for us, even as a baby born on earth must learn the ways of the earth. Inside the word of God is all of God. We can experience God in Hs word. To do this, we must patiently enjoy, allowing the word of God to have its place inside of us, abiding in us. There we enter into spiritual experiences with God as He reveals Himself to us, through His word and the Holy Spirit .

Meditating His words, enjoying over and over again as we savor them, allows the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus in us, and Jesus in His word. He is in us always, as we are in Him always. It may not feel like that because we have not yet been recalibrated into truth, or you could say learned to dwell with God just as Jesus learned to dwell with man.

Today, take time and find a place in scripture that has spoken to you already, or where you need it to speak to you now—and go. Go and abide in Christ there. Take the time to allow the word to be a door into God and not information about God. Patiently enjoy Jesus. After a few encounters, you will feel more at home in God’s presence, through His word, than you do in the world with all its words.

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