Shavuot begins Sunday evening. The following Sunday, May 23rd, is Pentecost! Harvest, the church’s birth, the coronation of King Jesus, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the giving of the covenant of the Spirit, and our marriage covenant with Lord Jesus.

I am expectant!

I feel that seven expectancies are brooding over us and ready to be revealed in these next two weeks.

I am expecting God the Father to show the exaltation of Jesus as both Lord and Messiah.

I am expecting Jesus to pour out the promised Holy Spirit in a new way.

I am expecting the New Covenant in the Spirit to come alive.

I am expecting a renewal in my marriage to Jesus.

I am expecting my Kinsmen Redeemer Husband.

I am expecting redemption in my inheritance.

I am expecting the harvest of souls.

Prayer is the art of positioning our hearts before the Lord to receive what He has promised to give.

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