Abraham lived by faith, followed God, and looked for a city whose builder and maker was God, Abraham practiced these five things that he learned over his lifetime of pilgrimage.

1) Live in the presence of who you believe. God is the giver of life to the dead and caller of things not yet seen to be seen. His presence is in total agreement with His promises and when we practice His presence we find that faith is easy.

2) Be honest with your circumstances. Abraham was not afraid to discus with the Lord his situation as he saw it, wanted it, and had walked in past experiences. Honesty with our circumstances does not decrease faith it actually can bring focus and increase.

3) Resit the temptation to think too hard. Abraham did not stagger at the promises of God through unbelief but moved toward God. He knew the impossibility of his ability; but that was not where he was looking for the answer to come from.

4) Give glory to God, letting your faith grow as you do. Giving glory to God is the single thing we do, that shifts our soul and spirit, from the impossibility of our place to the unlimited resource of God.

5) Become persuaded that God can perform what He promises. Persuasion comes through our abiding, our honesty, our trusting, our boasting and results in our “wearing” an assurance of God, His goodness, and ability. The word “persuaded or convinced” in Romans 4:21 is a compound Greek word meaning: to “cover over as clothing or a constant accompaniment.”

Abraham pleased God as His faith grew, he learned that he was not responsible, nor able to perform what God had promised, and that God was. His faith was imputed as righteousness and became the standard of all righteousness. Take time today to center again in His presence, abiding, confiding, moving forward, boasting in God, surrounding yourself in His confidence, and enjoy the Lord. He is enjoying you.


Wednesday December 9, 6 pm: Builders Series Session 5 tonight. This will be the last session in the Builders series, as we look at Nehemiah Chapters 11-13. How do we move toward God and not empower the sin of self-righteousness and then captivity through failure? How do we not vow a thing in order to do a thing? We trust in the Lord, and live inside of His grace and ability, not our promise and ability. We are learning to live and build in Christ.

Wednesday, 7 pm: “Laying on of Hands and Prophecy Service.” The essence of Nehemiah’s lessons is that the sound of building comes from within, through the voice of God calling us. Jesus said the dead will hear His voice and live. No matter what our circumstances, His voice calls forth resurrection. Joining me, will be a team of ministers from our Builders Series and church body. Great way to activate destiny within.

Sunday December 13, 9 am: Diana Anderson will share “Is it Worth it if Nobody Sees?” Trusting a Father who sees when others are silent.

Sunday 10:20 am: Nations Prayer: Join us for the first five minutes (10:20) and the last five minutes (10:45) for our humility prayer. “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray…” It’s time for the rains to come.

Sunday 11 am: I will be sharing “Enveloped in Glory – What we can Learn from the Immaculate Conception.” How does God put a baby in the womb? Through the enveloping glory of the Holy Spirit. The same cloud that covered the disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, and Peter in Jerusalem in Acts 5, will cover us. We are destined to be enveloped in glory – the resurrection life of Christ. Who’s first?

Wednesday December 16th, 7 pm: Jubilee’s Big Fat Christmas Party. Come join us as we sing our hearts out, laugh till it hurts, celebrate timeless carols and hymns, and then enjoy dessert together. Remember “My big fat Greek wedding?” This is like that, but it’s Jubilee!


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