Our tongue is an amazing instrument given to us by God. It is compared to the rudder of great sailing ships that are powered by the wind, but directed by a very small rudder. Our tongue sets our course in prayer. We can enter into all that God has for us, even when the winds are contrary to us. Here are five things, in which to use your tongue in a successful session in prayer.

1) Declare His Truth in Worship. We are called to worship in spirit and truth, and when we declare His truths, we set our course into discovery of whatever truth of God we declare. If we worship Him for His love, we find ourselves experiencing His love. We declare truth, and our minds stop and listen and reformat to the truth we declare.

2) Describe the Truths you Discover. When we worship God in truth we soon discover truth inside the truths we declare. For instance, when I am worshiping God in His truth of His love, I may find that He opens my mind to a new discovery of His love being kind. With my tongue, I paint the picture of kindness, using adjectives and adverbs and synonyms.

3) Dialog with God What You are Experiencing. Having a conversation with God is faith in action. Like two dear friends watching a sunset, both enjoying the event, beauty, and the ambiance, also share an
unlocking of warmth, hope, and joy. These are dynamics that happen in the midst of sharing something together. Our Father loves to share in our discoveries as any father does. When we do this we experience a “knowing” of one another.

4) Delight yourself in what you are seeing and hearing. The power of delight is that it imprints into our soul memories and emotions we can return to and watch grow in our souls. Our tongues paint the sound and sight of this delight. When I say, “Father, I am so thankful for Your love for me.” I imprint that I am loved, and that being loved by my Father is delightful. Soon, this thought and emotion, is a place of habitation in the Spirit, both for God and me.

5) Dedicate Back to God What He has Given you in Experience. Abraham built altars at places of encounters with God. He then could return to that place and call upon the Lord and re-encounter the Lord. I love to close my times with the Lord by dedicating back to Him what He has given me during out time together. This helps me know where to find this experience again – inside of God – and not to take the responsibility to produce it myself.

The Lord is good and His delights and mercies are beyond a lifetime of discovery…but every discovery becomes ours for eternity.

My heart is overflowing with a good theme;

I recite my composition concerning the King;

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Psalm 45:1


Wednesday, 7 pm: “Big Fat Jubilee Christmas Party” We will worship, sing silly songs, sacred songs, and the “Twelves Days of Christmas!” You haven’t fully had Christmas until you have seen and sung
five golden rings. We will end with dessert in the Family Room. Please bring your family and friends.

Sunday, 9 am: Becky Ferris will share, The Baby has Become a King. What does that mean for us?

Sunday, 10:20, Nations Prayer: Join us as we humble ourselves during the first and last five minutes calling on our Lord’s goodness, forbearance and longsuffering. We pray together around the world, in
our neighborhoods, and open our hearts.

Sunday, 11 am: I will be sharing “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We may think, “I want God to use me but I am in the wrong life. I didn’t expect to be here.” George Bailey thought, “My choices have left me powerless and penniless.” But after a revelation from heaven, he found that he was rich beyond his imagination. The same thing is true for all of us. There is really no story if there is no struggle. You are the star of your story, and Jesus is producer and director!


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