Imagine all that is yet to be seen and experienced of Jesus Christ’s glorious victory. To experience all His love? To have Christ fully formed in us? Will this happen because God wills it, or we earn it, or maybe when we have changed enough? No. Truth shown must abide in us for its fruit to form and reproduce within us.

Christ is our all in all. He is the source of all life, freedom, joy, health, salvation, deliverance, and everything that we need. Jesus’ words lead us to Himself. His Spirit reveals Himself. And, when we meditate on JESUS or any aspect of His salvation we allow Christ to be formed in us.

Simply, by setting our minds on something of Jesus that we desire to experience over time, it will become our experience. Consider His love for us. How would we experience Christ’s love for us? We can begin by finding a scripture about love that we wish to experience, and read it slowly and with an open mind. Allowing the Holy Spirit to introduce His thoughts in the words we read. The words create images, emotions, desire, and experience.

Once we are looking at His love for us, we start having a love radar inside our spirit man. Now we see love in all the scriptures even scriptures that are not talking directly about His love.

Can you remember looking at buying a car? First, we have the desire or need. Next, we look into what car we want or can afford. After that, we begin looking around for the car or cars that fit inside our search. We may go to car lots, or the internet, to look for the car we want. Soon, the car begins to appear everywhere. While driving on the freeway we see it in the lane next to us. We see the same make and model parked in the grocery parking lot. Until we had started the search we never saw these cars. Why? Because we weren’t looking for them.

Same is true with scripture. Choose what you desire or need from Christ and then begin looking for it. Soon you will see love everywhere, or healing, or acceptance, or joy. The word of God comes to us by the Spirit and is formed in us by abiding in it.

One day the truth becomes ours as we drive away in a new paradigm.

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