Our five days together in GLORY has brought so many truths and experiences for us to learn and know. We can return to these moments by watching/listening to the whole conference online again. The second time is always better than the first because more is heard; and what was heard goes deeper.

Awakening is our response to seeing something we could not see before. Like waking in the morning to a new day dawning, as the sun rises, bringing light out of darkness. The same is true when we see Jesus anew. It’s true when we hear Jesus anew. It’s true when we see where He is going, building, and pointing us in our becoming. The day dawns and we see in the light of His glory. For what we see in His glory and hear in His glory, we become in His glory, if we give Him time.

I am taking time to meditate and record what I am seeing and hearing, out of what I saw and heard. Taking another look, giving another listen to a session, or a note I wrote, or what I am hearing now. I am going further into the place I saw and heard Jesus. There is grace to awaken fully into the new. Seeing, hearing and turning to Jesus is where awakening takes place, as does healing. I don’t rush anymore from the moment (I used too) so that I can fully enter into the eternal life found in that moment of seeing and hearing.

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. John 17:3

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