When I was growing up in my faith, I was told that God’s phone number was Jeremiah 33:3 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Call and I will answer. What a simple yet profound truth. As we begin this New Year it’s a perfect time to call God. Jeremiah was still “shut up in the prison”, when God made this promise to him. The Lord knew Jeremiah had limited access to change, but an unlimited access to God. Often, when we feel the most constrained in life is when we have the greatest access to God.

Three words; call, answer, show. Let’s look at them and let our faith and imagination grow.

Call is the idea of accosting a person met, to call out. In other words, God invites us to call, accost Him, get His attention. Faith comes knowing He is ready to be found.

Answer is a word that grows in its meaning. To eye, to heed, pay attention, respond, to begin to speak, to sing, shout, testify and announce. So, when we call out, God begins to notice. Then He begins to speak. And if we will continue with Him, He will even sing, shout, testify, and prophecy.

Show is to front, or stand boldly out opposite. When we call and gain God’s attention, He begins to speak, sing, shout, testify and announce boldly the opposite of our situation. He confronts our captivity. He stands in His truth giving us life from the dead.

God knows where we are “still shut up in” and it doesn’t bother Him. He wants to have a conversation where He can show us “great and mighty” things we are not currently seeing and enjoying. Take a moment and give Him a call. Then read Jeremiah 33:6-16.


Wednesday January 6, 7 pm: I will be sharing, “Re-framing Your Future.” Life is a series of snapshots, taken and often framed in our subconscious as pleasant, horrific and random. We store or frame these pictures in our emotions that can dictate our future. It’s a New Year, and time to take some of those pictures out of their frames and re-frame our future inside of experiencing God’s word.

Sunday January 10, 9 am: Sue Burdullis will be sharing on “Healing, the Children’s Bread.” As we enter this new season, God’s promise to heal us of all our diseases is active and alive. Sue carries years of study, prayer, victories, and miracles in healing ministry. Sue leads the Camarillo Healing Rooms.

Sunday, 10:20 am: Prayer for the Nations: Come join us for the first and last five minutes of Humility Prayer, as we demonstrate our utter and complete dependence on God to fulfill His promises. We will then travel the nations of the world in prayer, intercession, and giving of thanks.

Sunday, 11 am: I will share, “What Can God Not Do?”. There is nothing too difficult for God. Yet, our circumstances have trained us that there is. Today the Lord is coming to erase that memory with the truth of His word and the love of His heart. He has paid for everything with His Son. He can do anything because of Jesus, and He is determined to bring that truth home. Liberty is knowing nothing is impossible with God and partnering with Him there.

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