“And after him was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. The Philistines had gathered together into a troop where there was a piece of ground full of lentils. So the people fled from the Philistines. But he stationed himself in the middle of the field, defended it, and killed the Philistines. So the Lord brought about a great victory.” (2 Samuel 23:11-12)


I encourage you to go to the Media page of our Jubilee Church web site, to view any sessions of the Champion’s Conference, that you may have missed. The Lord has shifted us into a new place. Many visions, prophetic words and revelations took place…and are continuing. One of the words that came, during this Holy Spirit invasion, was given to Pastor Brian Rogers.

As Brian was waking up, one morning during the Champion’s Conference, he saw three distinct images. The first was of professional sports team’s logos ending with the Seattle Seahawks. The next, was a desk full of stacks of file folders that were full of papers, tall stacks. And, a hand pulled a folder from the bottom. The last, was of a single candle burning in darkness. There were no other lights.

This is what the Lord said about this:

Good Morning Champions!

The champions you know are only champions for a season, their glory is for a season, for a moment…And then, it fades into a new season; a season of struggles, failures and victories… and then a new champion is crowned. Not so with My Champions. Your crown never fades; your place is never lost. It only increases and flourishes in My kingdom.
I see you standing. Having done all to stand, you stand—holding, possessing a seemingly worthless place (a bean field). Your standing is noted, acknowledged for all to see, to cheer and remember.

Continue to stand. Hold the place that you have been given. You have thought that I have forgotten, moved you and your place to the back burner, the bottom of the stack, left you in a place of unfruitfulness. You are valuable, highly favored, loved and cared for. I am coming to the place you are standing in, holding by faith. I am, and will take those places that are stuck, unfruitful, lost, forgotten by many, on back burners, or at the bottom of the stack, and cause them to be fruitful, prosperous, blossoming, overflowing with goodness…places of beauty.

Not just the place, but the place holder. I am causing your light to increase. Like a candle that shines in darkness, I am causing its light to shine forth beyond your natural ability. I am amplifying the lumens of your light. And those that have looked at you, your life, and your journey, and have said that you are to be pitied, or laughed at, critiqued, judged, disdained, embarrassed – will see the light. They will see My goodness, favor, pleasure, prosperity and kindness on you and in your life. I will cause you to be a light set on a hill for all to see. No longer will your place be a desert, lacking water or fruitfulness; but your fruit will abound and overflow and many will partake of it.

So stand, continue to hold your place until I come. I am here…and I am coming. And you…and all will see the goodness of God in the Land of the Living.

I encourage each of you, as we continue to journey together, to be with us, this Friday, March 21, at 7PM, to hear guest speaker: Tommy Tenney, founder of God Chasers Network.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, March 18: There will be no class this week. The “Saved Your Seat” Discovery Groups will meet again on March 25th.

Wednesday, March 19, 6PM: Discovery Service. The Double Portion—giving away what we have received—Ministry Preparation.

Wednesday, 7PM: Glory Service. First fruits—Double Portion. We bring in the fragments of the miracles from the Champions Conference, giving glory for what he has done and giving it away to everyone. Freely we have received freely we give.

Thursday, March 20, 7PM: “School of the Evangelists” begins. Larry Bingman will be leading this ten week school. This is the year of the Evangelist, come and be equipped. (Click here for more info and registration.)

Friday, March 21, 7PM: Guest Speaker, Tommy Tenney. Tommy is passionate about the presence of God and unity in the body, and is gifted in leading hungry people into the presence of God. (Click here for more info)

Saturday, March 22, 12PM: Torch Bearers, led by Rufus and Laura Nash will meet in the Sanctuary. Torch Bearers are those fifty five and older who are leading the next generation into their victories.

Sunday, March 23, 9AM: DeLynn Buonvicino will be ministering ” The Winter is Past.” Exposing Goliath.

Sunday, 10:20AM: Prayer for Nations “As nations rage,” we sit with Christ in heavenly places joining in His intercession for His reward, and our peace. (Click here for March prayer schedule.)

Sunday, 11AM: I will be sharing “The Double Portion.” How worship and service are the foundation of inheritance and door of multiplication.


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