When Jesus sat down upon His throne and was crowned High Priest, according to the order of Melchizedek (his name being translated as “My king of righteousness” and “My king of Peace”), the Holy Spirit was poured out. Not only did we, His church, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, but we also gained access into the holiest place through the veil of his flesh. Once inside received, He receives us as our High Priest. Our High Priest, Jesus, has suffered all things that we have suffered, yet without sin. He is merciful and faithful in all things that pertain to God. He therefore is able to come to our aid in every way.

We access God’s holiest place in boldness by the blood of Jesus. We enter through the new and living way He made for us in the veil of His flesh. His resurrection, now a new creation: the glorified man Christ Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of God. We enter through His accomplishments and immediately discover Him inside the holiest of holies as our High Priest. Here, Jesus stands in the presence of God for us. He is our mediator. He makes our efforts of knowing God work, because we know God in Him.

Think of it like this: We have a forerunner who has gone before, done all the work, and now makes us accepted inside Himself. We learn how to hold our faith in what the Father has accomplished in the resurrection. We agree with Jesus’ victory. We agree with Jesus’ triumph. We agree with Jesus’ place before our Father. As we do we become one with His victory, one in His triumph, and one inside of Him in His place in heaven.

We are accepted because Jesus is accepted. We are loved because Jesus is loved. We are healed because Jesus is healed. It’s all because of Jesus. Yes, the Father knows us individually but He accepts and relates to us in Jesus. Jesus, our High Priest, is always ready to unlock hope, enlarge our hope confession, and experience us in Himself in new ways through His intercession. Jesus is our way, truth and life. When we acknowledge Jesus, our High Priest, we free ourselves from ourselves, and our efforts at self-righteousness. We enter into access unheard of and, I am sure, not fully explored and enjoyed yet. But who knows… maybe we will?

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