We all meditate. Because we all mutter to ourselves. At times we murmur, whether in pleasure or anger. We have all worried ourselves sick before. And, we have all daydreamed in anticipation of a vacation, marriage, or our thought of: “When I become”…

That is exactly what the Hebrew word Hagah (for meditation) means. And we can, and are promised that, when applied to the Word of God we can become prosperous, successful, healthy, and kept in perfect peace.

But, how do we mediate on the word? It’s really simple. We must shift from reading to “do” or “understand”, into reading to “see, to behold and become”. What does that mean? We are not gathering information, we are entering an experience. And, when we apply meditation to the Word of God, we can “become”…

Let’s begin:

Find the scripture in which you are currently involved. If you don’t have one, look for one that meets your need. Scripture is like food. What we need, we will crave. Now let’s think about the scripture as a meal prepared by the finest chef (Holy Spirit) and take the time to savor our food. Chewing on the morsels of truth that we discover as we read the verse that is before us slowly.

In fact, to prepare ourselves for an awakened imagination take a moment and call to remembrance a favorite restaurant, or meal, or a special occasion meal – like Thanksgiving. In your memory, see, feel, taste, and re-enjoy the occasion all over again. What was the day like? With whom did you share the meal? How were you feeling? But as you do, describe it to yourself out loud. This is the “muttering” part. You don’t have to be loud, but you do need to move from only thinking to speaking. This is key, because our tongue directs our thoughts and allows our soul to hear again, and to experience again, what we are saying.

Now to the scriptures:

Using our dinner analogy, gaze upon the scripture. Take it all in, the substance and the essence of the words, the theme, the promises. Slowing, let you eyes look over the scripture as you describe (out loud) what you are seeing and experiencing what you see.

Allow your attention to be drawn to a thought, a word, another scripture (as one comes to your remembrance) even synonyms, to expand the word that has caught your attention. WARNING – Holy Spirit’s assignment is to bring to life, and bring to remembrance, understanding, revelation and transference the scriptures. So don’t be surprised if He starts talking in your thoughts and words.

Take a closer look at what you are seeing:

Go and investigate it. I will often go to my Concordance App on my phone to reference the meanings of the word that have drawn me. I will also look up the scriptures that have come to my remembrance during the slow reading, gazing, and savoring of the scripture. I am always using my mouth, to speak to myself of what I am seeing and hearing. Think of speaking to yourself as chewing your food, except we need to chew the Word with our mouths open.

Now for the fun part:

Describe to God what you are seeing and hearing in His scriptures. Then, ascribe to God what you are seeing and hearing in His word. What you are seeing and hearing is His glory, His manifest presence of Himself in scripture coming alive by the Spirit of God. It is beholding His glory, describing His glory, ascribing to God His glory. This is how we behold to become. We worship in spirit and truth, and become well.

To finish your meal:

Take a moment and savor the entire experience. Look over the discovery, recall emotions, imaginations, and experiences in this time of meditation. The repetition will infuse these truths into your soul and spirit. It will also create a place to return and discover all the things you couldn’t see the time before. Scripture like this can, and should, be meditated on for weeks or months at a time.

What’s the hurry? I would rather be living off a few passages of worship, than reading through whole bible in a year.

Before we push our chair away from the table, we look to our host – the Holy Ghost. We thank Him for the glorious meal. We thank our Father for providing such abundance of truth, and for the meal Himself – Jesus – the living Word. Marking our place, we leave our meditation with richness in our souls, and strength to our spirits, looking forward to tomorrow (or later that day) to explore and enjoy His words again.


Wednesday April 6, 7pm: Larry Bingman will be ministering “Power Lines from Heaven.” Power varies. Household currents can be 110, 220 or 440. Power lines 1000 volts?They are all power. We want the power lines form Heaven – unlimited, unrestricted, nothing held back. Jesus had this power by the Holy Spirit, which He then sent to us after His ascension. We now pray for the same power through the same Holy Spirit.

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Week of Healing: Begins Sunday, April 10th!

Sunday April 10, 9am: The Healing Ministries, within Jubilee, will be leading the service. There will be teaching, laying on of hands, healing and miracles, by the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 10:20am: Prayer for the Nations: We will pray for the healing of the nations. Active empowered prayer, by the Holy Spirit, to heal and deliver! We will pray for rain, for prosperity, and healing.

Sunday 11 am: I will share “And They Were all Healed.” Continuing in Acts 5, we will see the power of the Holy Spirit overshadowing Peter. So much so, that those inside the circumference of his natural shadow were healed. We will witness the greater miracles. Those that Jesus had promised, that were happening there in Jerusalem. Then we will activate all the healing ministries to minister healing and deliverance. We will then ask the Holy Spirit to fill all of us with His power. It will be messy.

During the week, we will encourage all to come and receive ministry during the healing times available in our church. Paul Cain will also be with us on that Wednesday, April 13th. We will also pray for healing at this service too.


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