The law was given to Moses inside the glory of God. There in God’s glory God gave Moses the most perfect law that man would ever receive, until Christ.

Christ eradicated sin and gave the Spirit for the ministry of the new covenant. Moses gave the law; Jesus gave the Spirit. Moses delivered Israel out of Egypt and Jesus delivered us out of sin. The question is, who would you like to sanctify you? The Law or the Holy Spirit.

Pause, think about that. The law is the ministry of death and condemnation. The Spirit is the ministry of life and righteousness. The law was to be taught, observed and done. The Spirit is to be received, followed and yielded to. From glory to glory, by the Spirit.

Now ask yourself, what am I relying upon for my sanctification (my being set apart for His purposes in my life). The law? The Spirit? Honestly, the law is easier. It’s always the same in every situation. Or is it? The Spirit is wind, moving, leading and fluid in every situation. Or is He?

The Spirit is a person given to us by Jesus to change us into Jesus’ image inside the glory of Christ. He is in us to testify of Jesus and empower us to witness Jesus. Jesus is truth; and so we are being sanctified by the Spirit and belief in the truth.

This week, welcome the Holy Spirit and His ministry of life and righteousness. Abiding in Jesus, allow the Holy Spirit to awaken faith in truth in His word, bringing transformation inside glory.

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