In-to-me-I-see. This is an easy way to remember the simplest of values of intimacy. The ability to see into someone else. We don’t give this access to anyone, or at least we shouldn’t. Our thoughts, secrets, hopes, and disappointments are for those we love and trust. When we feel safe we are free to share our truths—unguarded truths about ourselves.

In Christ, we are called to live in this intimacy, both to share our selves completely and freely and to know Christ completely and freely. We have the Holy Spirit, who knows the mind and thoughts of God, and has been given to reveal Jesus in us. All communication is in Christ the Father speaking to us in His Son.

The word is truth given, and is ready to be revealed in us through meditation and Holy Spirit revelation. In our discoveries, we worship in response in spirit and truth. This is intimacy. Holding our experience with Christ, in Christ, becomes our confession of hope in the presence of Him whom we believe. Seeing into Jesus is seeing into ourselves because we are one. We hold our place, or rather receive His holding us in the place He has prepared for us. This is intimacy. In fellowship, in His sufferings, in power, and in His resurrection, we are being known. This is intimacy.

We have an experience with Christ – which is salvation. We then press into Christ in this experience in His word, His Sprit, worship, and hope’s confession. The practice builds access; and in the kingdom access is everything. This is intimacy.

Soon we recognize Christ in other places, other things He is doing. We are not duped or drawn to religious extremism any more than we would to any exhibition. We are quieted in His love, at peace inside of His rest, and rejoicing in His faith being given. We are being led always in His triumph. This is intimacy our victory.

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