Jesus went to prepare a place for us so that where He is we might be also. Jesus’ resurrection was His coming again to receive us to Himself. Abiding in Christ is the place He prepared for us — in Christ. We live here by faith, accepting all that Christ has accomplished for us. By faith, we are justified, accepted in God, and before our Father in Christ; we exist holy and without blame in love. We are not trying to be righteous, we have been made righteous by faith in Christ. Here we abide.

His words abiding in us become our meditation, and meditation becomes our habitation. Faith might be easy if it wasn’t for the testings, deception, and accusations of the devil. Our faith must be matured with patience, not a miserable enduring but a cheerful feast, as we meditate in His word. Here we feast in His Spirit and life. Jesus’ words are spirit and they are life. Experiencing God in His word, we enjoy His words now, complete and fulfilled. Their very essence permeates our being, transforming us, as we behold in a mirror the glory of the Lord. We are centered, quieted, and resting — His words abiding in us.

Kept by the power of God

The Holy Spirit is the power of our witness. He fills us with righteousness, peace and joy as we abound in hope through His power. He makes us laugh at our enemies and rejoice in our tribulations. He pours the love of God continuously into our hearts and sustains our union with God in the bond of peace. He is awesome because He is taking everything, we have in Christ, and revealing it to us, in us. From glory to glory we are being transformed into Christ image.

The mansions that Christ has prepared for us, and the mansions we become for the Father and Christ, are our union with God, in Christ! By abiding in Christ through prayer, and His words abiding in us through meditation, we are being kept by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here we experience the Father and Jesus abiding with us by the power of the Holy Spirit

To begin, simply practice abiding in Christ through faith in Christ’ resurrection. Meditate on scriptures that establish your place in God, in Christ. Don’t rush from scripture to scripture, but find the place He is speaking to you and remain. Slowly ponder and enjoy God’s promises. Make no attempt to bring them to pass, simply value and keep them before your gaze. You will become aware of His presence alive in His promises. The Holy Spirit’s power now lifts you into Christ’s exaltation. Yield to His strength, as He confirms and manifest these truths in Christ. Freedom will fill your being, as it begins inside, as righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. Here, you are, abiding inside eternal life, knowing God as He knows you — experiencing God as He experiences you in Christ. You are home.

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