When the Lord reveals Himself, there is to be worship. We respond to God completing ourselves by emptying ourselves in worship.  When the Lamb appears on the throne and takes the scroll, there comes worship Revelation 5. In the worship of the Lamb more revelation comes forth and that brings more worship, and again more revelation and more worship. He stands up—we all fall down.

When we worship Jesus inside any encounter, we seal inside ourselves His worth and truth. Worship inside and experience in Christ is completion. We empty ourselves upon the Lord in worship thereby exchanging life—ours for His.

The twenty elders and four living creatures live before the throne of God sitting on thrones (the twenty four elders) and in the midst of the throne (the four living creatures) but every time something of God and Jesus moves and is displayed they fall down and throw their crowns. I call this dethroning and de-crowning. It’s about yielding your position to the Lord, not holding your position before the Lord.

We are called to hold authority for the Lord in His name, but when Jesus appears we give it way to the Lord. It is actually the most freeing and joyful moment of life before God. It is also how old seasons give way to the next revelation of Jesus. Worship brings completion.

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