We are in a moment of time where praise is power. Praise is the unlocking power of truth in motion, where the atmosphere of heaven invades our hearts. There are many promises waiting to be fulfilled, like doors opened but with adversaries standing guard against us coming through. Praise binds our adversaries with chains of iron. Praise makes a way, because Jesus is the way.

“What would you do if your promises were fulfilled today?” I asked myself that question yesterday. I am meditating on the Lord’s instructions to me to enter into intimacy, as He deals with my adversary. I have been meditating on His call to praise as He undoes pride, arrogance, and fear from my heart. I have been choosing trust,  hope and rest rather than yielding to distrust, despair and suspicions concerning God’s faithfulness. These words being revealed to me in my quiet time with the Lord form my conversation with God.

Meditating inside His promises, being revealed as present truth, will awaken a conversation in our heart with God. “What would you do, since you know God is faithful and will fulfill His word?” The question became even more penetrating, calling for an answer. “I would thank You over and over again for your kindness. And faithfulness.” I said to myself as I saw the obvious. “Why not do it now?” I thought.

Well, you know the rest of the story. My conversation, in my meditation, now became thanksgiving to God and praise. I began singing as I would in the actual fulfillment of His words. His introduction to enter into praise, let go of distrust, enter into intimacy and give up suspicions concerning His faithfulness were not religious commandments but heart to heart discovery. This is why I love the Lord so much. He is so personal and so powerful.

In case your curious about the scriptures I have been conversing over – here they are: Isaiah 25:6-12; 26:1-6, 20, 21; 27:1-5; and (Jeremiah 15:19 in the Amplified Version)

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