Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3

Agreement, has been said to be the most powerful force in the universe. By agreement, the Tower of Babel was built. In agreement, Pentecost came; and where agreement is, Jesus is. Agreement is found in the Holy Spirit. It is called the “unity of the Spirit.” We are admonished to keep this unity in the bond of peace – more on this in a moment.

Agreement is found, or more often finds us, when we are broken, humbled, and quieted. When the busyness of our minds and the striving of our lives have been stopped. Here we hear again and feel connections to God and one another. Our spouse or children, our church or work all once again hold intrinsic value-  not performance value.

Agreement is not like objectives or shared goals; it’s sacred trust. Trust, again not entered into, but more having entered into us. We find ourselves agreeing. We can agree upon evil, offense, betrayal, and ambition when we find like offense or ambition. That is why brokenness, humility and quietness are so valuable to God. Here, He can bring us into truth, love, forgiveness, and laying down our lives, as our union in Him.

To nurture agreement is hard. Paul exhorts the Ephesians right before he states the goal of keeping he unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace – by walking worthy of our calling. How do we do that? What does it look like? Lowliness and gentleness, with. long-suffering, we bear with one another in love.

Ephesians 4:1-3 Agreement found in Christ, and nurtured in the Holy Spirit, requires us to walk together in lowliness, gentleness, longsuffering, and love. It requires that we continue in the same spirit as Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Brokenness, humility, and quietness allow us to value what we have been given and to which we are joined. Rather than breaking covenant, we nurture our union and our unity in Him. We tolerate, learning even to celebrate our “weirdness”. We make room for, rather than exclude our differences. In short, we become a place of dwelling together in unity.

Agreement may not be easy, but it’s worth every effort, in every area of life.

Special Note – Mansion Builders Training begins Wednesday April 5th 6:00 pm to 6:50 pm and will run for 4 weeks. This will be our launching of Mansions as a ministry of heart gathers to the Lord. All are welcome.

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