We will have the sanctuary open all day and finish with corporate prayer together from 4-6:30 pm. All are welcome to join us. This is a fast to undo what has built up.

Isaiah 58 addresses two types of Fasting:

  1. One that was practiced to bring change, to force outcomes, and make things happen. It was born out of frustration and produced more frustration. In short it was striving to control instead of yielding to let go.
  2. God’s Chosen Fast is one where burdens are undone, yokes removed, finger pointing and speaking wickedness of others withdrawn. It is where love can reawaken for our fellow man, toward those outside our lives and those inside our families.

God’s Chosen Fast disengages frustration, impatience, and control, bringing in its place, peace, love, and trust. We all start in faith because we hear promise and we begin in the Spirit being carried by grace. But, over time we can move into works of the law, striving with our flesh and others. No longer are we In grace, but debt. Debt with ourselves, debt toward God, others in debt to us, inside there striving self-righteousness that leaves us miserable.

God’s Chosen Fast gives us the opportunity to return to His provision for all things—Jesus Christ. We can let go of all debts, both real and imagined. We return to softened hearts that can love again and believe again. We are redeemed out of our captivity and known once more as the Forgiven.

A massive recalibration can happen when we enter into God’s Chosen Fast, because it involves our heart and not harshness, releasing others instead of placing burdens and yokes. It brings Jesus Christ and His freedom to live free.

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