Jesus is everything. He is our life source. We have life in Him, and apart from Him we can do nothing. Jesus told His disciples that they were to abide In Him and His words were to abide in them. He said that without Him they could do nothing.

My soul, on the other hand, thinks “God is a good idea and that with His help, and suggestions, I will do better this time”. Or, “my soul is hopeless and feels nothing can change and everything will always be the same”. Both feelings originate from The Lie. The Lie that I can have life apart from God. The Truth is that Jesus is my life and I have no life apart from Him.

Practicing the truth means that my soul has to submit to truth, that it may or may not feel. My soul cannot save itself. It can only submit itself to Jesus. The words of Jesus are the conversation God has with us, in His Son. My soul still thinks it’s up to me. I have to do the right thing, or stop doing the wrong thing, or make the right decision followed by actions. It’s hard for my soul to return to rest. To submit to truth: Jesus is all in all.

So what do I do? I submit my soul to Jesus in prayer. In prayer, I come and yield to Jesus’ victory, triumph, resurrection, glorification and His intercession. I come into His presence by what He has done, not what I am doing or needs to be done. I agree with His words as true, whether I am seeing them in my life as true or not. I return my soul to rest by passing through His word as truth. There, the Holy Spirit focuses my mind on Jesus’ victory and promises. I settle down and find rest for my soul. I am recalibrated into Jesus. Abiding in Jesus, His words abiding in me, I bear fruit without striving. I am experiencing truth. Truth is making me free because the truth is Jesus—the way the truth the life— and who the Son makes free is free indeed. Jesus is my all in all.

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