“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”(2 Corinthians 3:18)

We are here in London, with Rod and Julie Anderson and Commonwealth Church, leaving today for Suffolk England and the CHOSEN Prayer Camp. Cammy and I sense an expectancy in the Spirit of the Love bomb exploding in our midst. It is the love of God manifest in our flesh, our souls, our hearts, and poured out by the Holy Spirit, Who dwells in us.

Please pray. It is the same here as it is at home, a great transition is upon the body of Christ—a letting go of the old to take hold of the new.

From temporal to eternal, from the old to the new, we are all in transition. Letting go to take hold—forgiving to believing again, (even our letting go of what we have known) to know Jesus a new. We are following the Lord, not facts, in love with a man—Christ Jesus—not a mission.

Prayer is the position the heart takes to process what the eternal God is doing in our temporal lives. It’s the oil that lets us move into the new. We start with a petition (what we perceive would be the answer—Father, let this cup pass from me) and end with surrender (nevertheless, not my will but yours be done). Though we may not be able to perceptive as Jesus, or yielded as Jesus was in the garden, we will all get there. Intimacy will prevail over law, and lovers will always yield to each other. That’s what we are—lovers of Jesus, lovers of one another.

Take time this week to get alone and seek God’s face. Lay before Him your petitions, lingering long, until you can surrender to His will. As you do, you will realize that you are not surrendering to rule, but love, and His love is everything.

I want to take a moment to introduce you to and invite you to the “Father’s Heart Internship”, which begins, September 4th. This is a nine month (one evening a week, and one Sunday afternoon a month) internship into the Father’s Heart. It is for 18 to 40 year olds who have ever felt The Lord say, “Seek My face”. And have ever said, “Your face I will seek.” A journey into the Song of Solomon, and the life of David, learning the ways of God. I hope to give away the skills, and art of loving God and being loved by Him. This internship will open doors for those seeking a face-to-face relationship to practice and become… It is designed to require limited group time with unlimited pursuit time. How far do you want to go? The choice is yours.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 5, 7PM: “Saved Your Seat” Discussion Groups—All are invited to join us in this series on walking out our journey, using Ps Steve’s book as the focus of our discussions. Led by Pastor Brian and Pastor Becky in Room 4 each Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 6, 6PM: Discovery Group – Randy Nelson will be sharing. Randy and Edie Nelson have spent their entire lives serving God in other nations. Randy will share his discoveries of transformation through prayer and reconciliation. This is a must for every believer today.

Wednesday, 7PM: Glory Service – Randy Nelson will share “New paradigms in Nations-returning to ancient paths of the gospel of Christ.” There is a gospel revolution happening today that is affecting every sphere of life we live in. Come and hear and receive new faith for this hour.

Sunday, August 10, 9AM: Peety Escovedo will be sharing “Jesus in our midst”. Peety is our Youth Pastor and will impart into our journey in Christ.

Sunday, 10:20AM: Nations Prayer – Now is the time to join those who reign on earth with Christ as a kingdom of priest and a priesthood of kings. You carry nations, now is the time to pray their future toward Christ.

Sunday, 11AM: Just back from England, I will be sharing “The path of His Love into our Hearts.” This will be fresh revelation from our time here in England…fruit of your prayers. There is a path of love so beautiful, and so full, that it overcomes every fear, every torment, and every failure; swallowing them up as though they were nothing.

Monday, August 11, 7PM: Champion’s Monday Night Prayer Gathering for Pastor Steve and Cammy’s ministry London trip All are welcome to join us.


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