Our POWER Conference has finished and a new thing has begun. Rod and Julie Anderson along with their team from CCF London called us higher, as the power of God broke off the old and carried us into healing. There was such a strong anointing to enter into prayer, intercession and ruling from the heavens. A recommissioning was happening throughout the weekend. I was amazed at the prayer times we would have at the end of the sessions as the Lord called us up. Tears were wiped away through the anointing, as healing made its way into our lives. So many were touched and had their ceilings removed, limitations taken off and memories surrendered to new mercies, as healing came by the power of the Holy Spirit. A fresh and new baptism! It was a truly amazing move of God throughout the weekend.

You can now watch all the sessions online – for free. You can be part of the worship, prayer, word, and ministry for the first time, or over and over again. Click here to watch now.

A new thing is God’s doing! When He makes all things new, He opens a door to occupy the new place prepared for us. We must then continue to enter in, letting go of past traumas, mindsets, disappointments, and even old wineskins. God’s “new” springing forth comes up and shifts patterns and places. It can be a bit wobbly at first as you find your footing in the Spirit. The enemy will come to challenge the word and the experience with a “Prove it!” This is why it’s is so important to practice what has been given and come up as high as Christ has taken us again and again and again.

Wednesday night, we will gather together again under POWER! Whether you were with us or not, what has shifted is for all, and what has been received is to be shared.

We will gather to secure ourselves into the new thing. What is the new thing? It’s a lot more than I can see now, but what I can see is that the old reasons and restrictions and reservations have been swallowed up by life, by HIS life. New possibilities are overtaking the old impossibilities, and matured sons are rising to rule. I see healing coming though His power finding new cures, new expressions, and new demonstrations. I see an army rising up with the high praises of God in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand. I see JESUS!

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