Several weeks ago, the Lord said to me during my prayer and meditation time, “You might want to praise Me more!” I knew He was drawing my attention to a strategy for overcoming in this new season when He went on to say, “Praise is Power. Praise brings deliverance, because praise brings Me.”

Then He brought me to Psalm 149:6. “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand.”

Knowing the verse, I went and looked it up again in my concordance and found that it literally says, “Exalt (or rise) in the strength of God with your mouth and the two-edged sword in hand.

Psalm 149, continues with the results of “rising in His strength and His word!” Vengeance on our enemies, punishment on the nations, chains on kings and fetters of iron on nobles – all this an honor given to His saints to initiate the judgements written! In other words, His kingdom come and His will being done. When we praise God, we establish ourselves in His strength and our enemies in His judgement.

We shift the atmosphere, and move the adversaries from blocking our entrance, through the new door that is being opened. We silence the enemy and the avenger, Psalm 8:2 declares. Praise in our mouth brings peace into our lives.

A new day has begun, a new thing has started. Let’s find our praise and enter into the Promise Land together.

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