The presence of God is everything, and Jesus is the means and reason we can enter in to the Presence behind the veil. Learning to enter into His presence is more important than trying to get God to bring His presence to where we are. Think of it this way. God came and dwelt among us as the only begotten Son of God. He lived, He died, and He was raised from the dead for our justification. He ascended and now saves us through His intercession for us. Our job is to enter into the Holy place where Jesus our High Priest is, and to live there. God came and dwelt with us so we can now dwell with Him.

Inside His presence is Promise—The hope that enters behind the veil. Here we fellowship together in agreement. His promises become our confession of hope, our confession of hope is His intercession for us. Jesus, and the Father, are in agreement at all times and in all ways. Jesus our High Priest appears in the presence of God for (over us) as we appear with (in) Him.

If we deny Jesus, He will not come out of agreement with the Father, for He cannot deny Himself. In the Presence behind the veil, promise is celebrated and hope abounds. We can learn to enjoy fully the promises of God—here in the presence of God.

The power of God is the Holy Spirit in motion. From resurrection to witness He shows off Jesus and performs Jesus’ victory. He pours love into our hearts which makes us bold and fearless. He demonstrates Jesus and strengthens us with glory in our inner man. The Holy Spirit expresses the glory of God in the face of Jesus bringing transformation to us in our beholding. From glory to glory, we ascend.

Presence we enter into, promises we confess in His presence, as power is communicated to us from the riches of His glory. This is our inheritance and reward now. A place prepared, an inheritance given, and the means to enjoy fully, by faith, what is ours for eternity.

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