Prayer allows us to enter into a conversation with God. Through Christ, we can enter into His conversation with God about us, our family, our nation, His intercession. When we do, we are reigning with Him in prayer. After all, He has won and He is risen, our glorified Christ. Sometimes though, we wrestle with Christ in our perplexity, pain or unbelief, our souls wanting answers. We wrestle with Christ when we are not resting in Christ.

Christ is not withholding our victory; He is our victory. His every victory is ours. His every triumph is ours and His accomplishments are ours. Reigning prayer is prayer that agrees with Christ, magnifies Christ, and receives Christ’s victory. Reigning prayer is standing before the Father in Christ, obtaining mercy and finding grace for this time of need and opportunity. His intercession is our glorification.

Reigning prayer is joining ourselves to Christ’s victory. Reigning prayer is triumphant, joyful, even playful and full of hope. There is a sense that the one who paid the price and now holds my victory, my family’s victory and my nation’s victory is praying too. We are in agreement. What He has done is done. As I glorify Him He glorifies me.

A Teaching Intercession trip to Israel being planned for February 20 through March 2, 2017. We would like to take a team to Israel for teaching and intercession, regarding Christ the High Priest. This will include six days in Jerusalem followed by time in Galilee and the coast. This Sunday, at 12:45 in room 4, we will have an introduction meeting. All are invited.

Father’s Heart – Grabbing Hold of Christ’s Victory, a six-week series, begins Thursday, November 3rd. This is open to all believers, ages 17 through 40. It will be life changing. Registration is required. Click below for more information and to register.

Father’s Heart

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