Abraham was the friend of God. God spoke with Moses face to face like a friend and Lazarus was Jesus’ friend, whom He loved.

What made these men friends with God? What did they possess that made God seek out their relationship in friendship? We know faith had a large part, but so did yielded intmacy and value to the person. Lazarus could offer a place to rest without making demands for something in return. Moses spent so much time with God that all veils were removed. Enoch walked with God daily until one day, he didn’t come home.

These five Wednesdays, we will do more than learn about friendship with God we will move ourselves into the place of friendship. Learning the ways of God we will practice these truths. Becoming friends with God is not hard, because of Jesus. It just takes an intentional decision to learn His ways. Two cannot walk together except they agree. Moving forward in honesty and delight, we will become His friends who hear, value, delight, walk, and agree.

Steve Dittmar

Wednesday’s 7:00 pm

October 26th
November 2nd
November 9th
November 16th
November 30th