God does not guarantee an outcome; He guarantees Himself. That’s why He makes promises, because He is faithful. Our faith is in who God is, not what He said. He is faithful who promised, but He is not obligated to our demands. He is good and He is faithful. Therefore, when we rest in His character, we can rest in all situations. I like to say to Him, “You are willing because You are good, and You are faithful because you are able. You are willing to heal, and You are able to heal. Willing, because You are good, and able, because you are faithful.”

Within His faithful and good character, is His never-ending love. His embrace is love. We were created for, and covered by, the glory of His love. It covers our nakedness, leaving us unashamed and unafraid. Jesus paid for all sin and shame, allowing us to abide in the love of God continually. That’s what Jesus did when He lived on earth. He said to His disciples, “‘As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love’” (John 15:9, NKJV). Jesus kept Himself in the love of the Father through prayer in the Spirit and belief in the truth. We can too; by entering into the Spirit through prayer, and experiencing the truth of God. God is love. As I believe that truth, I experience it, and can therefore abide in it.

We are never too old or too young to be loved by God. We were created and redeemed to abide in God’s love through Christ. Never are we to live in condemnation, fear or shame. Love is God’s embrace. It is His glory that covers and it is His life that He gives; it is the very essence of Himself. Love is the glory of God. God is faithful. God is good. God is love.

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