Yesterday, Monday, April 4th, we began our Gospel Journey with Jesus in His ascent into Jerusalem, in the final week of His passion to His resurrection. I have been so moved reading the gospels together as an integrated story. Following each gospel in its order, reading each chapter in its entirety, we have been able to see Jesus in His ministry often two to three times together in the same event recorded as seen and heard by different authors.

Yesterday and today, we read aloud Palm Sunday, as seen and heard from all four authors. This is creating a composite drawing of Jesus in the day He came to Jerusalem, lowly riding on a donkey, overcoming pride in His humility, and taking possession of His Father’s house.

We have thirty-one chapters in total dedicated to the Passion Week. It will take us fourteen days to read aloud to our Father, arriving at Jesus’ resurrection! We will watch Jesus being examined by the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Lawyers, until they had nothing left to question with. He will call us all into His last day parables, into Passover, and His great discourse as He walks with His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane.

His arrest, and confession before Pontius Pilate, contrasts the two kingdoms and Jesus’ witness to the truth. We will see everything according to the prophecies of the scripture even His death on the cross and resurrection on the third day.

Let’s read together the two or three chapters set for each day aloud to our Father in Heaven, listening for Jesus’ words being read to you. Experience Jesus in the scriptures, walk with Him in His passion, and be made alive together in His new birth.

Here is the link to all the chapters each day. If you haven’t been reading, that’s fine, start today and walk with Jesus through the most historic week in the history of the world.

Gospel Link, click here.

FINAL APPROACH – A prophetic Passion Week Play in 3 Acts

A three-year mission is about to culminate in a moment of LOVE that altered history forever. A man, a God, a world changer made His passionate purpose clear in the last week of his brief life on earth. His prophesied destiny and pivotal mission were about to reach their apex.

Join us as we walk with Jesus through Passion Week, as He makes his triumphant, Final Approach for you. In preparation for Easter, we are re-releasing this play recounting Jesus’ final week before Calvary. Told with humor and creativity, each scene ends with an encounter led by Pastor Steve.  You can watch it by clicking here:

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