As I was waking this morning, I had a dream from God. I had been praying for those I love who are in tough situations, being pressed on all sides. I was standing along the seashore and praying, surrounding them with shouts of grace. Suddenly, a bank of fog rolled in from the ocean encompassing all of us. But it wasn’t fog it was mercy, thick as fog, like the kind you can’t see through. Dense Mercy. It enveloped all of us and extended further inland. Immediately, I found all the struggles in prayer give way to this thick mercy. It was triumphing over judgement, over fear, over willfulness, over EVERYTHING!

The mercy cloud continued inland encompassing all people in its path. Everywhere it went it had the same effect—Repentance. The density of the mercy made it impossible for people to see in their unbelief. It literally began changing hearts and minds to see what had not been seen, and to think about God.

I saw the mercy of God coming to California, His goodness, kindness, the glory of His grace. Everywhere it went it created repentance. Just like fog can slow a vehicle down to a crawl because of the lack of visibility, His mercy was doing the same. What had been a path or direction, a decision of willful rebellion, lost sight. Everyone was coming under God’s mercy influence.

His thick mercy would change a man from a hardened sinner to that of childlike faith. It didn’t matter who it touched because once it touched you, you were undone. I began singing in my dream about the glory of His grace. I knew this was God’s help for us, what we could not accomplish with our own understanding and strength. Salvation was being received, lives were turning to His truth, and courses altered forever.

I believe God is sending His mercy as dense as fog, disorienting sin, bringing men to repentance. I see His mercy triumphing over judgement. I see men seeking Jesus, calling on His name, being saved, rejoicing in His forgiveness and freedom.

Here is a link to last Saturday’s INHERITANCE Men’s Gathering. This message is a precursor to the dream I had and what God is doing that we cannot do ourselves. Click here to watch or listen.

Here is the link to FINAL APPROACH! Click here to watch our three-acts play of Jesus’ Passion Week in Jerusalem.

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